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Future Events

Do you qualify for RADC Association Membership?

To join the RADC Association and attend events, you must have served or still be serving with RADC (including Reserve) or have been part of the ATS or QARANC who have served in the dental trades of these Corps.

Warrant Officer’s and Sergeant’s Past and Present Dinner

RAVC in AfghanistanThe RADC Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Past and Present Dinner Club normally takes place in the Warrant Officers and Sargeants Mess, AMS, Litchfield. Full details and application form will be posted here when available. The dress for the dinner is formal.

If you would like to attend this event, please watch out for announcements on this page.

Turning of the Page

This short ceremony to commemorate the fallen of the Corps takes place 4 times per year at The Royal Garrison Church of All Saints.

Light refreshments will be provided immediately afterwards in Alweras and the Church Hall.

The short ceremony is carried out by a party of RADC Soldiers with an officiating padre.

Any ex Corps personnel able to attend any of these ceremonies are most welcome to do so.

Full detail should be sought from the Regimental Secretary close to event date and prior to embarking on travel of any distance.

The RADC Association and Corps Sunday

RAVC in AfghanistanFor a long time it was felt that the Corps should have an Association formed to foster Esprit de Corps among the other ranks both Past and Present.

It was felt that the RADC Officers’ Mess General Fund catered well for officers past and present and their families to meet at social functions throughout the year but there was however little if any thought given to the same for other ranks.

A gallant attempt was made in 1951 by SSgt Wally Walsh to initiate some type of past and present Corps members reunion and he succeeded in getting 30 past and present Warrant Officers and Sergeants to attend a dinner at the NAAFI Club in Aldershot which was chaired by Maj Gen Muil L/RADC.

Arrangements were well in hand for a repeat performance in 1952 but sadly SSgt Walsh died early in the year and it is sad to reflect that all his enthusiasm and efforts came to naught. The whole project then fell flat.

There was little or no activity between the years of 1951 to 1960. There were murmerings about the revival of some sort of Corps Reunion or establishment of association but nothing materialised until 1960. In this year Maj Gen Quinlan (DADS) set up a committee to consider events for the 40th anniversary of the Army Dental Service in 1961.

Under their Terms of Reference, the proposals should if possible, embrace not only serving officers and other ranks, but Territorial Army, war emergency, national service, regular officers and other ranks who had served in the Corps. One event that was to be considered was an Old Comrades day.

Over the weekend of 23-24th Sep 1961 a reunion of WOs and Sergeants past and present took place at the Depot and Training Establishment RADC. The weekend opened with a meeting under the chairmanship of Maj Gen Quinlan. After many interesting and often amusing speeches and comments, it was decided to form a committee of 2 serving and 2 ex serving members of the Corps to organise similar annual reunions in the future.

And thus the RADC Reunion club was born. After the meeting a social evening was held in the Sgts’ Mess.

On the Sunday morning a short service conducted by Father Maden (RC Chaplain) was held at the RADC Corps memorial at depot and TE (Connaught Bks) at which Maj Gen Muil (Rep Col Comdt) laid a wreath. Following this, a church service was held in St Alban’s Church incorporating the (then) monthly ceremony of the Turning of the Page in the Book of Remembrance.

Over the period of the weekend 74 members past and present of the Corps attended some part of the celebration. This would arguably be the first Corps weekend held in a format that would be recognisable today.

Field of Remembrance

RAVC in AfghanistanThis Ceremony of Remembrance takes place annually in St Margaret’s Churchyard, Westminster Abbey on the Thursday preceding Remembrance Sunday. Each Corps has its own dedicated plot and any Association or ex Corps members are most welcome to attend the ceremony at the RADC Plot. Anyone attending needs to be in place by the plot by 1040hrs. Please contact the The Regimental Secretary for full details.

Remembrance Sunday

RAVC in AfghanistanA small contingent of RADC volunteers each year take part in the Remembrance Sunday March Past at the Cenotaph. More volunteers required and if you would like to join the growing numbers attending, please contact The Regimental Secretary for further information and the availability of tickets.

The RADC contingent normally form up with the Royal Army Vetinary Corps (RAVC). However, if we can muster enough support through volunteers, then we may be able to march past in our own squad.

Southern Group Curry Club

RAVC in AfghanistanThe Southern Group started it's existence not long ago when five ex RADC members met in a local Curry Restaurant.

The word soon spread that this was a great evening to meet friends and enjoy their company in a hospitable environment whilst enjoying a curry and a pint.

The group continues to go from strength to strength and currently attracts between 30 and 50 attendees who travel great distances from places like Scarborough, Bristol and Australia to be amongst their colleagues. The group meets in the Everest Tandoori Restaurant, North Camp twice yearly usually around March and September.

The format for the evening is an informal curry buffet at around £20 per person with individuals being responsible for the purchase of their own drinks. It’s a great evening with numbers rapidly growing on each occasion.

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Have you thought of joining 'Friends of the AMS Museum'?

RAVC in AfghanistanThe Army Medical Services Museum is looking for a new ‘home’ and some of you will have read in recent editions of the RADC Bulletin the proposals as to where it may eventually move and be relocated.

The move will obviously involve a lot of work and by joining Friends of the Army Medical Services Museum you will be able to contribute to the maintenance and future development of the Museum including the acquisition of the most favourable location for the Museum to continue its work.

To join is simple, complete the application form and send to Army Medical Services Museum, Keogh Barracks, Ash Vale, Aldershot, GU12 5RQ.

The Museum is constantly on the lookout for new acquisitions. Any items of interest you hold e.g. letters, photographs, artefacts etc; relating to the time you served in the RADC and which you have no further use may well be of interest to the Museum. Does the Museum archive have a written history of your career and time spent in the Corps?

While you may feel it is of little relevant interest it would certainly be part of the Corps History and of great interest for generations to come! So do not hold back, do not be shy, put pen to paper or fingers to the key board and let the Museum have the details.