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Contacting the RADC

Please note:

Unfortunately we can only answer general information requests. We do not have access to historical records and therefore will be unable to assist if you are seeking information on past members of the Corps.

Have you thought of joining 'Friends of the AMS Museum'?

RAVC in AfghanistanThe Army Medical Services Museum is looking for a new ‘home’ and some of you will have read in recent editions of the RADC Bulletin the proposals as to where it may eventually move and be relocated.

The move will obviously involve a lot of work and by joining Friends of the Army Medical Services Museum you will be able to contribute to the maintenance and future development of the Museum including the acquisition of the most favourable location for the Museum to continue its work.

To join is simple, complete the application form and send to Army Medical Services Museum, Keogh Barracks, Ash Vale, Aldershot, GU12 5RQ.

The Museum is constantly on the lookout for new acquisitions. Any items of interest you hold e.g. letters, photographs, artefacts etc; relating to the time you served in the RADC and which you have no further use may well be of interest to the Museum. Does the Museum archive have a written history of your career and time spent in the Corps?

While you may feel it is of little relevant interest it would certainly be part of the Corps History and of great interest for generations to come! So do not hold back, do not be shy, put pen to paper or fingers to the key board and let the Museum have the details.